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Weber Briquettes

Weber Briquettes

Weber Briquettes

Briquettes are a great way to get a grill ready for cooking quickly whilst providing a really consistent heat source. 2016 is the first year that I have used Weber Briquettes. I first came across them after attending the Weber Grilling Academy in April 2016. I was considering ordering some online and then as if by fate my local garden centre started stocking them. You can tell how my review is going to go, as my garden centre ran out and never got replacement stock, so I am now ordering them online!

How do they Perform

Weber claim they are ready for cooking in 20 minutes and will last for 3 hours – something that I can confirm is a true claim. Typically, I will use a Chimney Starter to get my briquettes going and they are ready to pour into the BBQ in 10 minutes, so they get going really quickly. They also last a long time. I can’t say I have cooked for the full 3 hours but I am at for the grill for at least 1.5 hrs cooking and these briquettes do a great job. Returning to the BBQ after 3 hours, the temperature gauge shows 150-200 degrees still.

I have read some feedback that they give off too much ash. They do give off more than supermarket brands but this is because they 100% natural and do not have any of the nasty chemicals that the cheaper brands from supermarkets contain. They produce no more ash that you would get from charcoal.

These briquettes are also pretty large in size, which in my view is a big advantage. It makes it much easier to move the briquettes around, which is great if you are setting up direct and indirect cooking zones.

I not only use these briquettes for grilling on my BBQ but also in my smoker. With their long burn time you can keep a really good consistent heat for long periods and then add charcoal and wood to deliver the smokiness.

In Summary

These are a high quality briquette that I would really recommend you trying. They are slightly more expensive, and if you can’t source them locally you may have to pay a delivery charge but personally from me it is well worth it.

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