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The Thriving UK BBQ Community

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The Thriving UK BBQ Community

My BBQ History

I have always loved BBQ since I was a small child. It is something that was inherited from my parents, who were fair weather cooks, but whenever the sun came out you could guarantee the BBQ would put in an appearance.

We lived in Cyprus for a few years, which influenced how we did BBQ. Houmous and Tzatziki were something that were always present together with Pittas filled with marinated Cabbage and Sausage, Halloumi and Souvlaki. We would eat gradually, cooking and eating over a long period.

My love for BBQ followed me into adulthood and I have always loved doing them. Not really that adventurous but carrying on the family recipes and also always serving the food gradually, accompanied by beer and wine – a great way to eat.

The Thriving Community

18 months ago my work situation changed and I had much more time on my hands. I started to look into BBQ more. What I found amazed me. There is a thriving BBQ community in UK that is producing some fantastic food. Whilst much of it takes inspiration from our US cousins there some great chefs/cooks putting their unique stamp on BBQ. A few names worth following are Ben Tish, Marcus Bawdon and Richard Holden.

Through the internet and more specifically through social media I have had the pleasure of becoming part of that community.

The whole community I have engaged with in the UK are really supportive and helpful. Everyone has a love of cooking outdoors and producing great BBQ using great food. Some of the cooks that are produced would not look out of place in a good restaurant.

My BBQ skills have increased exponentially, together with my BBQ repertoire, not to mention my BBQ collection. I now cook my traditional day-to-day dinners on the BBQ. I have also started using a smoker to do ‘American style’ BBQ, together with trying other foods on the BBQ that I would not otherwise have cooked. These have included Clams, Quail Scotch Eggs and Pheasant.

I really feel that the UK BBQ scene is exploding and us Brits are finding our own unique style of BBQ

You can find some great websites and blogs using the ‘Useful Resources‘ section, but if you have an interest in BBQ and want some help, have questions or just want to engage with like minded people then get connected using social media.



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