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Review: Weber Premium Gloves

Weber Premium Gloves

Review: Weber Premium Gloves

There are a few different providers of specialist BBQ heat-resistant gloves. To date I have only owned the Weber Premium Gloves but I have recently purchased the Dragon Knuckle gloves which I will be reviewing shortly.

The Weber Premium Gloves are designed to protect your hands from a hot BBQ. With a silicone palm to help grip your tools and accessories, these gloves are nicely designed and are great at doing the job they were intended for.

Gloves to BBQ?

Roll the clock back 2 years and you would not have found me dead wearing gloves whilst doing a BBQ. However, speak to me now and I think they are an essential BBQ item.

You may ask why would you need gloves, especially if you own a good set of tongs and fish-slice. Gloves are an invaluable item to help safely manage a BBQ together with the various BBQ accessories, without getting burnt.

Why Use Them

Pretty obvious but the main reason for getting these gloves it to prevent burns (or at least stop singeing all the hair off your hands!). They help from the lighting of the BBQ, managing the cook and then getting the food off the BBQ safely. The gloves not only cover your hands but also reach a couple of inches beyond the wrist.

(1) Lighting the BBQ or Smoker

I use and would fully endorse the use of Chimney Starters to get your BBQ going. You can imagine the temperatures get really hot so having a pair of fireproof gloves is essential. Even if you have ‘asbestos hands’ the heat generated from the Chimney Starter will mean burning yourself without gloves would eventually be an inevitability.

Also, when pouring the charcoal updrafts of heat are generated so again the gloves provide good general protection from the heat.

(2) Manipulating your Coals

I will typically set my BBQ up for Direct or Indirect cooking. Regardless of whether I am using Char-baskets or not, the charcoal never always end’s up exactly where I want it (maybe my poor pouring technique). The Weber Premium Gloves allow you to directly handle the coals and move them around to get your fuel placed exactly where you want it.

(3) Managing the Cook

During the cook I often want to add additional charcoal or wood chunks to the BBQ. The gloves enable me to do this is a safe way where I can easily lift my gill out (or up) to easily add additional fuel to prolong cook times where required.

When using a smoker I will often top up wood chunks or the charcoal / briquettes. The access hatch on my Weber Smokey Mountain can get really hot so it helps in both removing the hatch and also with safely topping up the fuel and wood.

(4) Finalising the Cook

I have a number of accessories that I use when doing a BBQ, like the Weber Rotisserie and Wok which I use on the Weber GBS. I also frequently use wood planks to do cooks, mainly fish. The gloves really help when it comes time to take your food off the grill. Rather than using oven gloves or tea towels folded over the gloves are a really convenient and effective way to get your food off the BBQ.

The Verdict

As mentioned earlier in the article I think heat-resistant gloves are an essential addition to your BBQ collection. They will help ensure you do minimise the chances of burning yourself but they greatly help in managing the overall cook.

The Weber Premium Gloves do a great job. They really help you get a good grip on the accessories you use, thanks to the silicon grips on the palm-side. Whilst you can feel some heat coming through they do help prevent burns. They may look fairly pricey at £35 (deals can be had) but well worth it. I have had 2 pairs and they last really well. I BBQ around 5 times a week so they certainly stand up to the wear and tear of using them frequently.

Own a pair? I would love to hear your views.


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