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BBQ Beef Topside

BBQ Beef Topside

Rotisserie Beef Topside

Beef Topside is a joint we have regularly in our home. I had been thinking for a while about trying this on the BBQ, but it was very much a question of how to cook it.

I have owned the Weber Rotisserie for my 57cm kettle for about 4 months. The main thing that gets cooked is chicken. Common place is a full Chicken but we have tried Chicken Kebabs, a Suckling Pig and Ribs so why not try a Beef Topside joint?


The method I used was really simple. I made a marinade which was basically a mix of olive oil, garlic with a little lemon juice. As is standard I got my joint out an hour before I planned to cook and pasted the marinade over the joint. My plan was to also baste the beef joint whilst cooking but it did not need it.

I typically set my rotisserie up for indirect cooking and stuck to this method. Bring the Weber up to around 200°C and just before placing the spit on, drop a couple of wood chunks onto the briquettes or charcoal to create some smoke. For this cook I used Silver Birch. If you are using gas you can used a smoker box to generate some smoke.

Try to maintain the temperature of your BBQ at around 190-200°C. I was aiming to cook the meat medium so was aiming for an internal temperature of 55°C. If you like it medium rare, aim for around 45°C. Once it is at temperature take it off and allow to rest for 10 minutes.

The Verdict

The joint I cooked took about 55 minutes to cook and came out really tasty and succulent. There was a slight smokiness to the meat, a hint of garlic but the beefiness of the joint was still the prominent flavour. This will definitely become a regular cook but I think getting it off at a lower temperature is the way to go for me.

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